5 Common Smile Flaws Easily Corrected with Dental Veneers

Apr 19, 2023
Do you long for a perfect smile with rows of white, even teeth? Dental veneers can cover a number of problems that mar your smile. Learn here how veneers can correct five smile flaws.

Is your smile imperfect because of a problem tooth or teeth? Today’s dental technology can transform your flawed smile with dental veneers. 

At Westgate Dental in West Des Moines, Iowa, our board-certified dentists perform cosmetic dentistry procedures to give you a smile you can be proud of. Veneers are a great way to cover tooth problems that inhibit your smile. 

What are dental veneers? 

Veneers are thin resin or porcelain shells that cover your teeth. We can make a veneer for one problem tooth or rows of teeth. Veneers change the size, shape, and/or color of problem teeth while maintaining almost all of the substance of the teeth they cover.

Your dentist makes a mold of your teeth that’s sent to a lab. The lab creates your veneers, fires them in an oven, and glazes them to look natural. When we place them, we scrape some of the enamel from your teeth and affix the veneers with a strong bonding material. 

Here are five common smile flaws we can correct with dental veneers. 

Chipped or cracked teeth 

Perhaps you chipped a tooth in a fall or other accident. Part of your tooth is gone, and you may feel embarrassed when you smile. You don’t want to appear as if you have poor oral hygiene. 

Veneers cover chipped and cracked teeth. Your veneers are made of strong material and last for many years with proper care. 

Gaps between teeth

Celebrities Michael Strahan and Lauren Hutton famously have gapped teeth, but you may not feel as camera-ready with gaps between your teeth. A gap at the front of your mouth is the first thing people see when you smile or talk. Veneers can cover that unsightly gap.

Stubborn stains 

Do you have stubborn stains that teeth whitening can’t resolve? Perhaps your teeth are discolored because of a medication you take. Those stains may have penetrated to the center of your teeth where whitening procedures can’t reach. 

Veneers are a great solution to eliminate those stubborn stains. Your smile goes from dingy to bright and white. 

Small teeth

Are some of your teeth smaller than they should be? Veneers are an ideal solution to your problem. They can lengthen small teeth to align with others of normal size. 

Crooked or misshapen teeth 

Are some of your teeth slightly crooked or misshapen? Do your incisors look like fangs? Veneers correct oddly shaped teeth to look in line with your surrounding teeth. 

If your teeth are only slightly crooked, you may benefit from veneers rather than going through the hassle of orthodontics to gain a row of smooth, even teeth. 

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