What Sets Us Apart


Painless Care for Your Smile

You deserve a healthy, attractive smile you love. You also deserve painless, leading-edge dental care to help you attain and keep your smile at its best. At West Des Moines Dental Care, we offer modern, pain-free dentistry, customized to you and your goals.

Dr. Randall J. Ruisch and our team are patient-focused in all we do. We understand that your needs, goals, and concerns are unique and deserve a unique care plan. Our doctors will ask about your life, hobbies, and treatment desires. Based on that information, and what’s learned during your complimentary exam, they will create your care plan. By focusing on you, and customizing treatment, you’ll have the best experience and results you love.

A Welcoming, Safe Environment

It’s important you know we are here to help you. Each of us wants to build a lasting relationship with you, one based on trust, open communication, and respect. We want to learn who you are on a personal level. You will never be a number on a chart to any of us: we’ll recall your name and the details of our last conversation!

Our doctors and team members will spend a lot of time talking with you about your oral health. We want you to understand the connection between a healthy mouth and a healthy body. We also want you to have the tools and knowledge to keep your smile in optimal shape.

We’ll always answer your questions: fully, directly, and understandably. Then we’ll encourage you to ask more. We’d like for you to take control of your smile’s health, and that starts with teaching you.

Stress-free Dental Care

Some people have dental-related anxiety. We understand this and do not judge. We’d like to help you work through your fears. With truly painless treatments, procedures done on your timeline, and sedation dentistry, we can help you.

Please talk with us about your worries. We’ll support, encourage, and reassure you, and we’ll help you learn that modern dentistry is nothing to stress over.

A Commitment to Exceptional Care

At West Des Moines Dental Care, we offer the highest quality, ethical dental care. We also offer the highest level of customer care. You need a dental office that’s responsive, accommodating, and focused on you. From early morning appointments to flexible financing and working with your insurance to maximize benefits, we’re here for you.

Schedule Your Complimentary Exam, Today

Please contact our Windsor Heights, IA dental office and schedule your complimentary exam and X-rays, today. We welcome patients from West Des Moines, Clive, and surrounding communities.

Our doctors and team members look forward to meeting you. We can’t wait to start you on the path to a healthy smile you love; call, today!